Show Creators is an entertainment production company with over 30 years of experience that has an emphasis on developing original concepts and content for today's perpetually 'connected' audiences. Whether it's for our own projects or those of our clients, many of which are industry leading names and brands, we offer a diverse portfolio of creative production services for theatrical, television, film and event applications.
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Amanda Deacon and Ian Herrington

In a business partnership spanning 30 years Ian and Amanda's career in entertainment has been as diverse as it gets. Their work has taken them to 46 countries worldwide as performers, choreographers, directors, producers, designers and artists for major stars, large shows, broadcasters and many fortune 500 corporations including Michael Jackson, Blue Man Group, Disney, Crazy Girls Paris, Universal Studios, GNC, Ford and Sony.

Currently based in Las Vegas, Nevada, the duo own and operate Show Creators Studios a 10,500 sqft creative production studio and co-working community featuring a recording studio, podcast and live streaming studios and two large rehearsal studios that can accommodate anything from dance, film and photographic projects to castings, live theater performances and special events.



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A 10,500 sqft creative hub that houses recording, photographic and theatrical rehearsal studios, as well as being home to a number of creative resourse and entertainment production companies.

LifeCast Studios captures unique moments in time and creates one of a kind pieces of art from a one of a kind source... You.

The Showbots endearing character, spontaneous humor and dynamic image that houses the best of today's leading edge technology, adds a whole new dimension to any event or production

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